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Because of UI Notify I was able to grab a Unifi Protect AI 360 camera today. I also had in-stock notifications setup in the UI Store, but they did not fire. UI Notify picked up the slack and helped me seal the deal. Thanks @uinotify!

@uinotify assisted my upgraded network topology. I thought 💭 it would be impossible to buy UNIFI products until I started following you! Thanks to @crosstalksol as well too. I have been able to purchase 1 AI 360, 1 UVC G4 BULLET, 2 U6-MESH, NVR PRO, and SE Dream machine so far!

Thank you for making this project. I wonder how many items you have helped us real people get prior to bots getting them all. I know I’ve gotten almost my entire home network so far from this account. Still waiting for my switch and the elusive G4 pro doorbell



  • 1 Notify
  • 1 Region
  • Email Notifies
  • All Products (no filtering)

  • $4.99

    Per month

  • 3 Notifies
  • Region Filtering (All Stores)
  • Email Notifies
  • Product Filtering
  • SMS Notifies (🇺🇸/🇨🇦 only)
  • Priority Notification Queue

  • FAQ

    UI Notify is your User Interface for Product Notifications! Receive alerts when products come in stock instantly via email or SMS.

    Our free plan allows you to add one (1) email address for product notifications.

    Our paid plan allows you to configure up to (3) email and/or SMS notifications. Paid plan users also receive priority notifications that are sent out before notifications are sent to Free plan subscribers. Additionally, you can filter notifications based on product, product category, and region.

    Due to the cost of SMS notifications, we only allow for SMS notifications to be configured in our Paid plan.

    Paid plan users are sent their email and SMS notifications before Free plan users - or in other words, they’re first in line to receive notifications when products come in stock!

    Nope! Our monthly and annual plans are contract free - you can cancel at any time, and you will not be billed on the next billing cycle. Your notifications will be brought down to Free level status.

    No - we can not guarantee that you will actually get the products that you want. Products that are in high demand go quickly - BUT - using UI Notify will give you an unfair advantage vs. people who don’t use UI Notify!

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